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Only for Men

So that when you run out of ideas, you have something to draw from. Let's love and be Loved. 



1. Hug her as soon as you get home and before you do anything else.
2. Ask her something that shows you are not indifferent to her
may have happened during the day (eg: "How did you go at the doctor?").
3. Learn to listen and ask questions.
4. Don't try to give her advice, just empathize with her.
5. Give her at least twenty minutes of your attention (don't read during that time
newspapers and do nothing else).
6. Give her flowers for more than just the holidays.
7. Plan your vacation a few days in advance and don't wait for Friday
evening to ask what she would like to do.
8. If she's in charge of cooking or if it's her turn to cook lunch and she's looking
tired, offer to do it yourself.
9. Compliment her on her looks.
10. Respect her feelings when she's upset.
11. Offer to help when she's tired.
12. Spend more time getting ready before going somewhere so that you
there should be no rush.
13. When you know you'll be back later, make sure to call her and let her know.
14. When she asks for your support, say yes or no, don't force her
feel uncomfortable about the request.
15. When her feelings are caught, sympathize with her and say something like this:
"I'm sorry you're in such pain." Then shut up; let her know you understand her feelings. Don't tell her why she shouldn't feel hurt and that it's not your fault.
16. When you need to hide in a cave, let her know and assure her you'll be back soon, but for now you have something to consider.
17. When you don't want to be alone anymore and come back to her, talk to her in a calm and respectful voice about what's bothering you so she doesn't imagine she doesn't know what.
18. Offer to light the fireplace during the winter.
19. When she talks to you, put down the magazine or turn off the TV so that
you could give her your full attention.
20. If she always does the dishes, offer to do it sometimes, especially if
she looks tired.
21. Notice her tiredness or sadness and ask what's bothering her, then
offer to help.
22. When you leave, ask her if she needs anything, and don't forget to do what she does
she asked.
23. Tell her you're going for an afternoon nap or going out somewhere.
24. Hug and pet her several times a day.
25. Call her from work and ask how she's feeling or say, "I love you."
26. Tell her "I love you" at least twice a day.
27. Make the bed and tidy the bedroom.
28. If she washes your socks, turn them right side up for her
shouldn't do that.
29. Take out the trash.
30. When you go out of town, leave her your address so you can be found,
and call her to let her know you've arrived safely.
31. Wash her car.
32. Wash your car and clean the inside of it before going anywhere with it
while driving.
33. Take a shower and take a breath before making love, if she likes it.
34. If she doesn't like someone, take her side.
35. Offer to give her a back, neck, or leg massage (or all three).
36. Sometimes show yourself tenderness anyway and snuggle up to her.
37. Be patient when she shares her experiences. Don't look at the clock.
38. Don't change channels when she's watching TV with you.
39. Don't show your feelings in public.
40. When holding hands, your hand must not be limp.
41. Know what drinks she likes so you can offer her one of
42. Offer to visit different restaurants; do not burden planning — where
walk — on her shoulders.
43. Buy monthly passes to the theater, ballet, opera or symphony
concerts — it doesn't matter what she likes.
44. Find opportunities for both of you to dress up in casual clothes.
45. Be patient when she's late or thinks about changing her clothes.
46. When you are at a party, give her more attention than others.
47. She must be more important to you than the children. Your attention must always be on her
bigger than children, and children need to see it.
48. Buy her small gifts, like a box of sweets or perfume
49. Buy her some clothes (take your partner to the store
photo, its measurements and ask the store staff to select
clothing for her.)
50. Photograph her at various events.
51. Arrange romantic getaways sometimes.
52. She needs to know that you carry her picture in your wallet and her every now and then
you replace
53. When you stay in a hotel together, order champagne, juice or
beautiful flowers.
54. Write her a card or something similar on various occasions.
55. Offer to drive when you need to drive long distances.
56. When she is with you, drive slowly and carefully. Don't forget that she is so helpless in the front seat.
57. Feel her mood and comment on it: "You look very sad today" or "You look tired" and then you can ask: "How was your day?"
58. When you go somewhere with her, be sure that you will be able to find your way and that she will not feel responsible for you accidentally getting lost.
59. Go dancing together or take dance lessons.
59. Surprise her with a love poem or poem.
60. Treat her like you did when you first met.
61. Offer to fix something. Ask, “Does something need to be fixed? I
now I have time to do.” Don't take on more than you can handle.
62. Offer to sharpen kitchen knives.
63. Buy superglue to fix broken things.
64. Replace light bulbs as soon as they burn out.
65. Help sort the garbage.
66. Read aloud passages from newspapers that would interest her.
67. Write down who called her when she wasn't there so she knows.
68. After washing, wipe the bathroom floor.
69. Open the door for her.
70. Help carry the shopping.
71. Offer to carry heavy loads.
72. You must be responsible for your luggage when traveling.
73. If she washes the dishes, help her with more difficult work, for example
scrub the pots.
74. Make a list of what needs to be fixed and leave it in the kitchen. As soon as you have it
free time, fix something from that list. Don't let
75. to lie too long on some broken or broken thing.
76. When she cooks, praise her skills.
77. Look into her eyes while listening to her.
78. When you talk to her, touch her occasionally with your hand.
79. Find out what she does all day, what books she reads and with whom
communicates with people.
80. When listening to her, make sure that you are really listening to her with the following words:
.,aha", "oh", "hm."
81. Ask her how she feels.
82. If she was sick, ask how she feels now, if she is better.
83. If she is tired, offer to make tea.
84. Try to go to bed at the same time.
85. Kiss her goodbye before you leave.
86. Laugh at her jokes or funny stories.
87. Always thank her when she does something for you.
88. Notice that she has changed her hairstyle and tell her that it suits her very well.
89. Find time to be alone.
90. Do not answer the phone during intimate experiences or when she is sharing
with you in my feelings.
91. Go for a bike ride together, even if it's only for a short time.
92. Organize picnics. (Don't forget the tablecloth.)
93. If she is getting ready to do laundry, help her sort the laundry or offer to
wash it yourself.
94. Go for a walk just with her, without the kids.
95. Act in such a way that she knows you want to do what she wants, but also
what you yourself want. Be caring, but don't play the martyr.
96. Let her know you missed her when you were in the cave.
97. Bring home her favorite cake or sweets she adores.
98. If she always goes grocery shopping, offer to do it yourself.
99. Don't overindulge on romantic occasions to the point of making out afterwards
indifferent to everything.
100. Ask her to add something to this list.
101. Leave the toilet covered.

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