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What are the CONSEQUENCES after the seminar?

This effect that you can get is NOT CONSTANT, or something that necessarily has to happen.

It is very individual.

You can become freer, because that anger that you used to suppress or look at with buns can now be expressed. You will learn not to be afraid of conflicts, you will learn to stand up for yourself and your opinion. You will learn not to deny reality, but to accept it. All the time you were forbidden to be angry, the value of being good boys and girls.

Men become more and more self-confident, and women, feeling safe, become gentle, loving and inspiring. 

The circle turns again, only that circle is harmonious, full of care, compassion, understanding, inspiring, nurturing and nurturing. A completely different world is being created. In such a world, children also grow up differently.

With each tantra practice we become more grounded.

- the inner value backbone is getting stronger,

- we become freer in expressing our opinion, 

- more open in showing feelings, 

- more honest towards themselves and others. When hurts are cleansed, negative feelings and emotions are released, only then the heart begins to be worthy. Then we allow true love to come and spread. Relationships go to a whole other level because we get out of deficit relationship mode. Then you not only want, but already have something to give to others.

You may start to cry more because all the negative feelings that you had frozen are now released, they will start to come alive and come out. You will allow yourself to be alive. The ice is melting, it's getting warmer, the frozen ground is coming to life, and the first flowers are not far away.

You may break up with your partner because you may realize that you no longer need to be in a toxic and destructive relationship. Now you will be able to resist wisely when they try to humiliate or control you because now the old script no longer works because you have become stronger, fulfilled and independent.

You may become more confrontational, so you may be drawing your boundaries for the first time. For the first time, you will feel autonomy and separateness. 

You will allow yourself to be alive and uncomfortable. For the first time, you will allow yourself to stop reacting to other people's manipulations, which are aimed at intimidation, shame and fear. The first time you say NO, you won't feel guilty.

You will lose your sense of humor, because you will no longer have to defend yourself with jokes, you will no longer have to try to be funny, to please everyone, to amuse everyone, to lick or relieve tension with jokes. You will no longer need to laugh at something scary or frightening - you will learn to cope in other ways.


 It happens that old relationships become stronger and healthier, especially if the partner is able to hear you and consider you. 

You may discover new ways to negotiate. 

You may not have the irritation that you used to have, you may not pour the poison on your partner that you used to. 

It may be that the less than ideal relationship with parents will become easier and simpler. 

You will stop waiting for the love they never gave you, you will just accept them as they are.

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