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About us

We hope nothing is not impossible.

We have hope that we can do it ourselves to be the masters of your own destiny.

We have hope thatwe can resolve conflicts harmoniously.

We have hope thatrelationships can be full of love, forgiveness, harmony, trust.

We have hope that everyone, regardless of external circumstancescan feel happy, fulfilled, calm.

We have hope that children can be grown  consciously.

We have hope that we can do less murdering, hate, revenge, change, punish  but more to love, forgive, accept, understand.

We have hope that Life can be easy and beautiful.


And we want to share that hope with you.

In 6 years we have helped more than a thousand people change We want life in a direction. By creating a space for self-knowledge and deep transformations for others, we grow ourselves as well.

What we share is not only based on knowledge, but also having survived "in their own skin".

Known and understood, as much as it can be perceived in this moment, it is jealousy, mistrust, betrayal, divorce, unsatisfactory intimacy and lack of it, conflicts, coldness, position of victim or executioner, strong woman and weak man, manipulation...
We are alive by our skins, just as repressed emotions cause disease, so releasing those emotions heals the body and soul.
Accepted and experienced anger, pain, shame, guilt, fear, inferiority, overconfidence, pride, pride, anxiety, trusting others, self-deprecation, denial of the body, denial of sexuality...

As a result, we answered the following questions:
Where does it come from?
Why did this happen to me?
What does it teach?
What to do to get out of it?

Personal experiences adds wisdom, insight and depth to working with people.
We are not saying that we know everything but we really know quite a lot about what a person's Life, His relationships, Financial condition, Being and other essentials things are done or not done joyful, peaceful, fulfilling, satisfying,
loved and loving.

Our goal is to help a person find the roots of the existing problem, so that he can enjoy a naturally joyful and abundant Life.

We usually conduct events and consultations together, so people receives the wisdom and experience of both men and women to the current situation.
During the event or consultation, we provide space for the person to dictate what is most important to him at this moment, therefore, we are moving in that direction.
During the conducted training, we communicate with people directly, as man to man and with some we become close friends.

We believe that it is not the words that speak about a person, but the reactions that arise and the resulting actions. Therefore, do not listen to what we say, but watch how we act.

I'm Zydrūnas 22 years ago I started walking on the spiritual path. I have been practicing vipassana (sitting in silence) meditation for 17 years. I completed the Shivananda yoga teacher training course and have been practicing yoga for 15 years. I have been studying Tantric philosophy for 7 years. I studied Tantra secrets with Prashantam, Sarita, Sambhavo, Premartha, Svarup... Currently I am learning OSHO pulsation techniques with Anisha Dillon. I am a certified coaching specialist.  


I'm Gabriele I suffered from chronic anxiety and subsequent panic attacks with harmful alcohol consumption. It all started with the first thought that drugs only deal with the symptoms, but not the cause of the symptoms. So I quit the medication and started looking for reasons why I felt and acted accordingly. I have been practicing and researching psychotherapy for 11 years, and it was the most valuable and at the same time the strongest step in my life that brought infinitely strong transformations such as the healing of diseases, restoring the connection with my parents, accepting my body, freeing myself from my inner prison, bringing a completely different quality of relationships and countless other beautiful things. and important things. Although I have researched and researched other methods, this one just works for me and the second thought that came to me was: "Everything you need is already there, you just need to remove the reasons that prevent it from being, for what is already there." I have been studying Tantric philosophy for 6 years.


We believe it is important that the knowledge of others does not overshadow our own feeling
We believe that inner harmony lies in the connection with your own authenticity.
We wish that boundless heart would speak more often than ours conditioned mind.


At this moment, the hustle and bustle of the city no longer brings pleasure, we choose more nature.
We are settling down in the countryside, which will later become not only our home, but also a place of events, a shelter for others. We are enjoying ourselves little things. We feel gratitude We are in no hurry To live We nurture openness and acceptance of it. In which We are learning. 

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