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Only for Women

So that when you run out of ideas, you have something to draw from. Let's love and be Loved. 



1. He apologizes when he makes a mistake, and she shows him gentle understanding and forgiveness.
2. He comes home and she is happy about it.
3. She shares her negative feelings with him without blaming him, manipulating him, or showing him disfavor.
4. She doesn't give him advice when he's driving or looking for a place to park it, and credits him for successfully getting them where they need to go.
5. She's better off asking him for support instead of examining what he did wrong.
6. He makes a mistake and she doesn't say, "Didn't I tell you so?" or offer advice.
7. He upsets her and she doesn't punish him for it.
8. She asks him for help and he refuses to help, but she doesn't feel bad because she believes he would if he could. She does not reject him and respects his behavior.
9. She asks but doesn't demand.
10. He wants to reconcile after disagreements and does nice things for her, and she accepts and appreciates it.
11. He is wrong, and she, instead of him trying to show and prove it, respectfully states her position.
12. She notices the little things he does for her, she is sincerely grateful to him.
13. He feels hurt by her, and she, realizing this, apologizes and returns the love he needs.
14. He goes into a cave and she doesn't make him feel guilty about it.
15. He emerges from the cave and she welcomes him lovingly and does not punish or reject him.
16. He makes a decision, and she, instead of trying to correct and explain, supports him.
17. His opinion does not agree with her opinion, she trusts him, as if she allows him to make the final decision.
18. He pays a lot of attention to goals, for which she does not blame, but on the contrary, supports him.
19. She expresses her wishes respectfully and without obligation, and waits for him to do so.
20. She kindly, without reproaches, reminds him what he forgot to do.
21. He forgets what he promised, and she does not doubt his reliability because of it.
22. She tactfully and politely expresses her displeasure or disappointment with a restaurant or movie theater they went to.
23. She is able to take care of herself when he is not around, and when he is around she becomes "weak".
24. He was late, instead of scolding him, she is glad that he came back/arrived.
25. After having children, her attention remains on him.
26. She does not compare him with others.
27. He makes a mistake, and she sees something good in it, saying, "We'd never see this beautiful sunset if we weren't stuck here."
28. He forgets to buy her something, and she says, "Never mind, next time."
29. He asks her to do something and she refuses without giving a valid reason why she can't do it.
30. She has her own personal life, and at the same time she encourages him not to forget - she thought.
31. She does not avoid intimacy, but at the same time she does not manipulate it.
32. She rejoices in his merits with others.
33. She emphasizes its advantages.
34. She sees him as a problem solver, rather than making a problem out of himself.
35. She creates as many opportunities as possible for him to feel needed.
36. She does not make him a "woman".
37. He oscillates between his need for closeness and his need for independence, she doesn't force him to choose between the two.
38. She doesn't check his phone.
39. During the conversation, when someone asks him a question, she does not rush to answer for him.

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