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Tantra and Music Festival

July 30 - August 4, 2024  


Liepos 30 - Rugpjūčio 4 d.

Tai jau 7 -oji Prema kurianti šilumą, tikrumą, bendrumą, artumą, laisvę, norimus pokyčius ir naujus atradimus, todėl taip mėgstama ir traukianti žmones erdvė, kurios vis laukiama ir į kurią vis grįžtama. 

Kiekvieno čia laukia daugybė paskaitų ir praktikų pačiomis aktualiausiomis šių laikų temomis, todėl 5 Festivalio dienos yra kupinos norimų pokyčių, turiningų akimirkų, įsimintinų patirčių, gilių įžvalgų. 


Kiekviena diena čia yra augimas sielai, ramybė protui, atsipalaidavimas kūnui, balzamas širdžiai!

  • Rytai prasidės produtyviai su rytiniais užsiėmimais nuraminsiančiais protą, atpalaiduojančiais kūną. 

  • Dienas, jei tik to norėsis, leisite užsiėsimuose tyrinėdami Kūną ir Sielą, tai Jums duos norimus Pokyčius. 

  • Vakarus sutiksite su atpalaiduojančia vakarine programa, spontaniškais šokiais ir koncertais. O širdis ir kūnus bendrystėje šildysite prie laužų, laisvalaikio erdvėse, pirtelėje.  


Sutiksite daugybę bendraminčių, ragausite sveiką ir skanų maistą, semsitės gamtos ramybės, kursite ir ilsėsitės tam skirtuose erdvėse ar tiesiog nerūpestingai mėgausitės laiku... 

Kiekvienas čia ras ko ieško!

Prema2022 240.JPG


The festival space is designed so that everyone can find something for him the most relevant and important. Therefore everyone will find something for themselves here popular topics, topical activities and close-to-heart connections. 


  • Come alone, you won't be sad! You will meet more than one like-minded person traveling on the path of self-discovery. This is just the beginning! You will attend practices and lectures that are important to you. You will embark on evening pranks and unexpected discoveries. And as the end of the Festival approaches, you won't want it to end. 


  • Come with your favorite mother, sibling, friend and boyfriend!  Here you  you will find meaningful time together and valuable activities for everyone. You will have dinner by the bonfires, relax in the recreation area, enjoy entertainment and the company of like-minded people. This will be your most meaningful time spent together!


  • Come with your Beloved! Here you will grow and get to know each other. You will enjoy new experiences and activities together, which will lead to the dream connection. Individual practices and lectures will help you understand yourself better. Plus. Together you will enjoy the pleasures of the sauna, the refreshment of nature and each other newly blossomed love. Is this, is this,  what are you waiting for?


  • Come with your family here self-knowledge, time in nature is combined with family values! You will explore yourself in activities relevant to you, and your children will be occupied with interesting activities in the children's meadow. You will spend time only for yourselfyou will reward yourself with pleasant, carefree and long-awaited moments. Here you will forget all your everyday worries!

Come to Prema! This is a Festival that leaves no one indifferent, where EVERYONE finds what is most valuable to everyone.

We have a goal, too 5 days to provide the most valuable practices and lectures, for you to taste naturally joyful and abundant taste of Life. 

Therefore responsible program development we selected a little more than 60 specialists in their field who will share proven knowledge, methods and experiences. Different spaces for practices and lectures await you.

Our goal is that from Prema festival let as many Beloved and Loving hearts as possible leave!

Also, individual sessions will await you, during which you will receive full attention and the professionalism of a specialist in the matters that concern you. 

Prema2022 237_edited.jpg

WHAT ELSE? For your pleasure, relaxation, peace of mind...

  • You will be waiting creative space, in which you will leave your mind aside and free your senses - creativity. 

  • The places where they live will be waiting for you peace, rest and relaxation. In the campsite, you will find an established relaxation area where you can relax and enjoy nature views alone or surrounded by the closest people. There will be cafes in the campsite, where you will enjoy healthy, homemade snacks and delicacies. It will also be waiting for you sauna and hot tub pleasures. You will pamper yourself individual body massage, mole treatments and other relaxing wellness programs specially prepared for the Festival, as well as rest areas, ticking for each other. 

  • You will have the opportunity to meet the opposite sex -Blind dating awaits you. 

  • You will spend your evenings studying dance steps.

  • You will immerse yourself in a movie night.

  • A night of healing sounds awaits. 

  • A place where everything is waiting for you made by loving hands. You will find authentic clothes, organic food products, rare and popular minerals, natural cosmetics...

  • And for those who want to extend the evening, they will be waiting from 11 p.m tent of revelry with the funniest trance music.

Prema2022 237_edited_edited.jpg
You can come to the Festival 1, 2, 3 or all 5 days!

And to enjoy the peace of nature, deep changes and unexpected discoveries, everyday life full of summer beauty and joy!

Take your dearest friend, lover, sister or brother, or maybe mom and dad, because it will be the most valuable gift for all of Life. And tickets for two are always cheaper.

Prema2022 244_edited_edited.jpg
Prema2022 233_edited.jpg

The Festival ticket includes:

  • morning yoga and meditation

  • many practices and lectures

  • evening parties with live music and bonfire dinners

  • creative, recreation, entertainment, shopping space

  • childcare during classes

  • blind dates

  • dancing lessons

  • dj evenings

  • place to charge phones

  • women's and men's spaces

  • children under 14 are admitted for free

  • place for tent, car, camper

  • movie night

  • night of healing sounds 

  • electricity and water supply points

  • benevolence of staff and volunteers

  • hearty and delicious vegetarian/vegan meals (3 times a day, for those who have purchased a special ticket.)

P.S Plan the adventure of self-discovery right now, because tickets are getting more expensive every month!

Did you know that there are such loyal participants of the Festival who have not missed a single summer without Prema? 

Some feedback from the participants tells, that it's so fun and good to just be here. Others say that here change happened radically changed their lives. The third mentions that the people you meet here stuck in the heart for a long time. 

Therefore, the Festival becomes the most anticipated summer event - a deep tradition whose essence is to CELEBRATE LIFE. 

We hope to see you again!

We are waiting for everyone who wants to experience the Festival in Lithuania, which stands out not only for its activities and evening program, during which nature,  rest, fellowship, new acquaintances combine with self-knowledge, changes and new discoveries!

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